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Přednáška AntropoWebu: Wolfang Knapp - Crossroads and Overlaps between Artistic Production/ Work and Anthropology

Rádi bychom Vás pozvali na další přednášku z cyklu "Hosté AntropoWebu" , která se uskuteční 28.11. od 15:30 v SP 319.


Přednášet bude Wolfgang Knapp - antropolog působící na Univerzitě umění v Berlíně.


Název přednášky: Crossroads and Overlaps between Artistic Production/Work and Anthropology

Anotace: Artist more an more leave the ‚hortus conclusus‘ of studiowork; not only media based artists or artists with a focus on public space. Why do they do that? Is there a renewed fascination of community based art practice with focus on participation? Or do they fear increasing visualization strategies in scientific image production as a kind of an „iconic turn“ and an unexpected professional challenge? What kind knowledge images and audiovisual animation in artistic scientific practices can create, produce, devellop? Do artist intend to adapt or to imitate working patterns of scientific research because because artistic practices seems to be more and more limited? The lecture will present some local, national and international projects of collaboration between artists an scientists: looking to the missing link between art and biomedicine, observing everyday live in eastern and western streets in Berlin, mirgration movements included; collaboration with ethnologist an psychiatrists and NGOs on suicide; working together with Southafrican acticvists on HIV/AIDS of men and women. How can spanish villages, dominated by orange cultivation an tourism, collaboratio with cultural anthropologists, excavation engeneers,architects and artists?– What‘s that good for? Who needs it? And how to built teams of interdisciplinary collaboration at the borderline of multiple authorship, contrabande activities and conspiracy that can do that job?
On the background of these examples and other in interdisciplinary collaboration of research and exhibition projects the lecture will oscillate.


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