Demografická a sociální struktura obyvatel panství Choceň v polovině 17. století

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   Katedra demografie, Fakulta informatiky a statistiky, Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze


One of the most valuable sources for Czech historical demography is the List of Serfs according to Faith of 1651. The List yields extensive data on serfs in several areas in Bohemia: on their age, profession, religion and marital status. Thank the List is possible to study a social structure of the population, their household composition or question of religion in Choceň region. As indicated in the title of this List, its creation coincided with recatholicization and its main objective was to capture the numbers of catholic and non catholic people in the period after the Thirty Years´ War in the Czech lands. More than 50% of inhabitants reported to non catholic religion, higher number of men in the age of fiftieth, dominance of nuclear type of family, which is characteristic for the Western area of the formation family.

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historical demography; 17th century; Choceň; age structure; social structure; first name; religion

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