Odrazy teoretických antropologických koncepcí v obrazech etnického turismu na Sumbě

Adriana Kábová email
   Katedra kulturologie, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Karlova v Praze


Many theoretical concepts formed in social sciences in virtue of intercultural contacts are nowadays perceived as obsolete. Romanticizing, exoticizing or primitivist images were coupled to „foreign and remote societies“ as far back as in 15th century. These images are presently reflected in the domain of ethnic tourism. Both participating parties – the incoming European tourists and inhabitants of the island Sumba think of „the Others“ through these images. Both tourists and Sumbanese use the terms „primitivism“, „uncivilized“, „barbarism“, „authenticity“, „tradition“. The aim of this paper is to analyze these images and to point out the ways of thinking incited by the confrontation with „the exotic Others“.

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ethnic tourism; Sumba; Indonesia; imagination; exoticism

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