Noetická tenze jako kulturní mechanismus: Případ ideového světa katolicismu

Jakub Paleček email
   Ústav etnologie a středoevropských a balkánských studií, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Karlova


The text deals with the ideological world of Catholicism. A review of the current state of research has shown that we lack an adequate understanding of the phenomenon in which a particular parish priest occupies two mutually contradictory noetic positions simultaneously. The paper examines this phenomenon in two areas: in the interpretation of certain Biblical passages and in the role of women in the Church and society. The method used, in addition to participant observation, involves narrative interviews with 22 respondents from among Catholic priests in a Czech diocese and their subsequent analysis. The results of the research show that one priest can hold two noetic approaches simultaneously, taking an interpretive approach to certain Biblical passages and a literal reading of the Bible on the issue of women’s emancipation. These two arbitrarily chosen approaches, which are further socially reproduced and can be manipulated, speak to the existing noetic tension in Catholicism as a kind of cultural mechanism.

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noetická tenze; katolicismus; interpretace Bible; ženská emancipace; kultura

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