Afričané, Romové a další „cizinci“ v české mediální realitě

Jitka Zalabáková email
   Katedra antropologie, Filozofická fakulta, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni


This study brings a quantitative and qualitative analysis focused on the representation of immigrants and their “cultures” in Czech mass media. It reveals that there is a misleading and deep-rooted image of Africa as a culturally homogenous whole. Together with “the East”, Africa is associated with “traditional” culture. Mass media texts about “foreigners” sometimes automatically present Czech Roma as foreigners as well. “Culture” is sometimes used to explain criminality, and a special, “narrow” conception of culture prevails in a type of articles concerning chiefly multicultural festivals. In the mass media reality we can thus find an intriguing world of “the others” with their (mostly) very traditional and (often) exotic cultures – a world independent of the “reality”.

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mass media; foreigners; culture; Africans; Roma

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