Metodologický agnosticizmus a vedecká antropológia v antropologickom výskume náboženstva

Michal Uhrin email
   Katedra etnológie a muzeológie, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave


The aim of this article is to contribute to debates on the question of objectivity and subjectivity in anthropological research, which has been prominent in academic discourse since the second half of the 20th century. The paper focuses on selected approaches to subjectivity and objectivity in relation to the anthropological research on religion. The paper scrutinises methodological approach known as methodological agnosticism. Methodological agnosticism has been significantly influenced by the ideas of positivism and scientific scepticism, which are also discussed in the paper. The article presents the mentioned approaches and argues in favour of their effectiveness in anthropological research of religion.

Klíčová slova

methodological agnosticism; positivism; scientific scepticism; objectivity; subjectivity; anthropological research

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