Mezi církví a armádou: profesní identita vojenských kaplanů

Aneta Soukopová email
   Institut sociologických studií, Fakulta sociálních věd, Univerzita Karlova


This article deals with the professional identity of military chaplains, formed by two institutions, the army and the church. The work is based on the theoretical grounding of the sociology of professions, role conflicts, spiritual service and the military environment. The main research problem is the value discrepancy in the professional identity of the military chaplain based on the diverse value influence and conflicting value roles in the profession. The research uses a qualitative method of semi-structured interviews. The study shows that the professional identity of the chaplain is formed by a hierarchy of professional roles that are tied to both organizations. Furthermore, the double dimension of value influence, organizational and institutional, is defined here. The discrepancy between organizational influences on the chaplain’s professional identity was not confirmed by the research. The institutional influences that shape the professional roles of military chaplains have proven to be more conflicting. Finally, the article offers other implications for research from the environment of the Spiritual Service of the Army of the Czech Republic. The article may further inspire research into similar professions associated with different organizations.

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military chaplain; spiritual service; professional identity; professional role; value conflict; Army of the Czech Republic; Church; institutional influences

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