Několik poznámek ke konceptualizaci tzv. klientského systému

Viktor Rumpík email
   Katedra antropologie, Fakulta filozofická, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni


Some notes on the conceptualization of so-calledclient system


Abstract—The article, based on textual analyses andlong-term fieldwork, is devoted to the theme ofthe alternative conceptualization, via the well-knownconcepts of social network and transnationalism, ofUkrainian labour migration into the Czech Republic.The aim of the survey, which is conceived in a proces-sual way, is to draw attention to the confusing term“system”, often connected with labour migration. Theauthor provides an insight into something he refers toas a “client system”. At the beginning of his thesis,he introduces various concepts of “brokering zarobitka”and “broker” which might be viewed as more appropri-ate for the analysis of labour migration. The author,aware of the commonly known facts about labour mi-gration, puts forward his argument that the concept ofa so-called client system should be replaced by another,more adequate, term.

Klíčová slova

network; transnationalism; migration; Ukraine – Czech Republic; broker/brokering; client system; zarobitka

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