Interkulturní komunikace daruvarských Čechů

Jasne Skotáková email
   Katedra slavistiky, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci


Intercultural communication of Daruvar Czechs

Abstract—The article discusses the communicationstrategies occuring in the Czech minority in Daru-var, Croatia. The linguistic phenomena of Czech mi-nority speakers are formed so as to eliminate the riskof misunderstanding in a multicultural environment.This paper is the partial result of anthropological re-search. It was found that the Czech ethnic group main-tains its individuality and identity, but also endeavoursto communicate with the native majority. The paperalso presents the method of intercultural communica-tion between Czechs and Croats and its consequences.On one hand the Czech minority in the neighbour-hood of Daruvar endeavours to preserve its culture andstrives to retain its “Czechness”, on the other hand ithas a sympathetic attitude to the diverse ethnic envi-ronment and has no problems communicating in bothCzech and Croatian. Representatives of the DaruvarCzech community also flexibly and correctly respondto different linguistic situations, putting their intercul-tural communication on a very high level.

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Czech minority; Daruvar – Croatia; an- thropological research; intercultural communication; multicultural environment

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