Kdo do Barmy nepatří? Skupinová identifikace členů občanské společnosti v Barmě

Eva Lukášová email
   Ústav religionistiky, Filozofická fakulta, Masarykova univerzita


Who does not belong to Burma? Group identification of civil society members in Burma


Over 135 ethnic groups live in Burma. Ethnic groups demand some level of self-governance from the central Burmese state. Ethnic identification is strong in Burma, and so is criticism of the authoritarian political regime. On the other hand, there is an ethnic group called Rohingya which seems to be unacceptable, even for people from other ethnic minorities. An analysis of interviews with civil society members shows that exclusion of Rohingya is due to the acceptance of their negative characteristics as presented by the government. However, this does not constitute any strong Burmese nationalist feeling on the part of respondents.

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Burma; ethnicity; religion; Rohingya; civil society; nationalism

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