Barrettův bůh: Problémy reprezentacionalistického přístupu ve studiu náboženství

Daniel Musil email
   Katedra filozofie a společenských věd, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Hradec Králové


Barrett’s god: Problems with a representational approach in the study of religion


Justin L. Barrett in his 2008 article “Why Santa Claus is not a god” argued that a collection of a few basic representational content features can explain why a god concept can become the centre of widespread religious beliefs and practices. In this article, I demonstrate the ways in which Barrett’s representational model fails in defence of his main hypothesis, and I use his model as an example to show the limits of similar approaches in the cognitive science of religion.

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cognitive science of religion; religion and cognition; epidemiology of mental representations; religious belief; representational content biases

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