Využívanie folklórnych motívov v súčasnom tanci

Denisa Benčaťová email
   Katedra etnológie a etnomuzikológie, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa, Nitra


This paper is based on a bachelor thesis which had the aim of showing the implementation of folk motifs in other types of dances apart from the folk dance styles, namely in the professional dance form of the latest demonstration of movement - in contemporary dance and physical theatre. It does not stress the issue of stylized dance folklore and its interpretation on the stage; it works with the folk motif as with a symbol depending on the particular plot of the performance. This means that the folk motif has a functional meaning, thus supplementing the nonverbal communication. This article deals with representing folklore from an interdisciplinary point of view: it uses knowledge from ethnology in identification and analysis of folk demonstrations in contemporary dance and physical theatre, and it also uses knowledge from choreology within the analysis and the structure of the particular motifs and levels of stylization. In order to achieve our aim, we have chosen the structural method and formal analysis; we have also created graphic models. We consider the key part of the paper to be the clarification of the graphic models presented, which connect the issues of occultism and initiatory rituals with issues of contemporary and folk dance. Thanks to the connections found between movement production and imitative occultism, both the principles of occultism and the ways it affects objects can be identified in the creation of movement. As a result, inferences can be drawn based on the performance analysis. This article is based on empirical knowledge: two professional dance groups and their performances serve as the example. They show the meaningful form from the content and visual points of view. When speaking about folklorism, we consider this topic to be a new one because the basics of the research concern folk dance presented in a different dance style and processed in other than its “own stylized” environment.

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contemporary dance; folk dance; folk motifs; creation of movement

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