Whiteheadův imaginativní skok aneb hledání nejvyšších metafyzických principů

Martina Chalupská email
   Katedra filozofie, Fakulta filozofická, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni


Whitehead’s imaginative leap, or searching forthe highest metaphysical principles

This study focuses on the origins of A. N. Whitehead’s metaphysical thought. First,the basic features of Whitehead’s panphysicsproject and its differences from the metaphysicalsynthesis are described. It is shown what possible motives led Whitehead to the constructionof a complex system of ideas, and its basic char-acteristic features are analyzed. Three main pillars of Whitehead’s organismic philosophy are described, in the spirit of Ford’s compositional analysis of the work Science and the Modern World,and arguments for the concept of organic mechanism instead of the materialistic view of mechanismare defended. Finally, through imaginative leapsof mind, it is shown how Whitehead arrives at thehighest metaphysical principles by means of thebasic organismic principles.

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Whitehead’s metaphysics; materialistic mechanism; philosophy of organism; imaginative leap; organismic principle

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