K dokumentární audiovizuální tvorbě v archeologii

Luboš Chroustovský email
   Katedra archeologie, Fakulta filozofická, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni


On documentary audiovisual creativity in archaeology

Modern digital technologies and deviceschallenge our attitudes toward engaging with audiovisual creativity and production in archaeology.There is a broad range of topics, situations andcontexts in which filmmaking knowledge and skillsare useful, in both academic archaeology and her-itage (e. g., research projects, conferences, interviews, personal memories). This brief introduction to theoretical and methodological issues related to the whole process, from the initial ideaand intent through pre-production (topic, script,locations), production (available hardware and basic principles for shooting), post-production (available editing software and video formats) and shar-ing (e. g., festivals, conferences, web, education),aims to support not only (amateur) archaeological filmmaking but interdisciplinary collaborationas well.

Klíčová slova

Audiovisual archaeology; filmmaking; videomaking; documentary film; digital multimedia

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