Etnologická reflexia zmien v rolovom správaní mužov otcov po rozvode manželstva

Daniela Rajniaková email
   Katedra etnológie a folkloristiky, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre


The Ethnological Reflection of Changes in theRole Behavior of Men / Fathers After Divorce

Fatherhood is not some fixed role thatexists forever. Every generation and every cultureinterprets and defines the fatherly role differently.This is due to the fact that the father is closelyrelated to the individual concepts of masculinity,and therefore any discussion of paternity hasa past and a future. Family breakdown and shiftinggender roles, on the part of women as well asmen. These changes are becoming more commonand are therefore receiving increasing attention inthe research discourse. Post subject, the analysisof changes occurring in the role behavior of menafter the divorce of a married couple, changes inmasculinity. Any analysis of paternity, however,requires some awareness of the specific cultural,economic and social conditions that lead to establishedstandards for the proper behavior offathers.Keywords—bringin

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bringing up children; divorce; fatherhood; masculinity; role of the father

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