Dialektika cigánské férovky. Příspěvek ke kritické antropologii bezpečnosti

Václav Walach email
   Katedra politologie, Fakulta sociálních studií, Masarykova univerzita v Brně


Within a Czech socially excluded locality,street violence is recognized as a serious securitythreat. This paper deals with several interpretationsof this phenomenon which is oftentimessymbolized as the ‘Gypsy fair fight’. It is analyzedvia the dialectical method structured around thethesis–antithesis–synthesis conceptual triad.While a prevailing explication in the discourseof respective locale comprehends street violencein terms of ethnic conflict, a less frequent one opposesthis interpretation on the basis of culturalconflict between the so-called decent and inadaptablepeople. The last stage of analysis consists ofre-reading these accounts from the perspectiveemphasizing structural factors in a ‘Gypsy fairfight’ explanation. The aim of the paper is to localizethe social experience of (in)security in relationto the political order and social structure. Takingthem into account, we can aspire to sociologicallyrelevant knowledge of how security discoursesand practices shape our everyday ways of being.

Klíčová slova

Roma; social exclusion; street violence; security; dialectics

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