Pamírský dům v Badachšánu

Libor Dušek email
   Ústav etnologie, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Karlova v Praze


The theme of the work is the phenomen of traditional Pamiri architecture, Pamiri house as such, in which, until nowdays the Pamiris live. This house tells a lot about material and spiritual culture, religion and history of the people living in the rough mountain environment of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Province. The symbolism of the traditional Pamiri house relates to the ismáʿílic religion (one of the forms of the shiʿa islam) in which the Pamiris believe in. The work also describes and analyses the relationship between Pamiris and their own traditions, history, religion and culture. The base of the work lies in the field research of the author. He travelled and investigated through Gorno Badakhshan between August and October 2006 and September and October 2008.

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Pamir; Pamiri house; religious symbolism; Ismáʿílíja; Zoroastrism; Tajikistan; Gorno Badakhshan; Shugni; Wakhi

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