Etnicita a jazyk (na príklade zmiešaných slovensko-britských rodín v Londýne)

Dagmar Bacová email
   Katedra etnológie a etnomuzikológie, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa, Nitra


The article deals with issue of ethnic identity of Slovak migrants – mothers in London living in the ethnically mixed partnerships / marriages, who bring up their children in a bilingual family environment. I try to uncover the internal mechanisms by which the mother identified with the category - Slovaks. On the basis of research the article shows, in what degree of intensity is used self-identification with ethnic group in everyday social interaction;  in what situations - scenarios are relationships, life experiences and emotions interpreted in ethnic context. I address the issue, what views have Slovak migrants – mothers on the using of minority (Slovak) language. I want to refer to social factors that play a role in decision to apply the bilingual education of children in ethnically mixed families.

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Slovaks; ethnic identity; minority language; bilingual family; self-identification

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