Ideologie totalitárních režimů - historické souvislosti teoretických východisek a jejich vliv v praxi nacistického a komunistického režimu

Nina Pavelčíková email
   Katedra historie, Filozofická fakulta, Ostravská univerzita


This contribution pursues the basic streams of thought with which totalitarian regimes attempted to justify the authority of their ideological systems. It does not, of course, try to analyse individual philosophical systems which supported the ideology of totalitarianism. This is purely an attempt to detect in an historical context those currents of thought that the ideological systems of fascist and communist regimes leaned on and on which they derived their basic theses and subsequently attempted to channel the same thoughts to the population of the countries they controlled. The writer concludes that the more elaborated ideological postulates were created by communist regimes which leaned directly on the works of Marx and Engels, respectively Lenin, and other Marxist oriented writers. In contrast to the superficial, cognitively inferior and emotionally formulated modes of articulation of the ideologists of fascism and the German National Socialists, Marxist ideology of the 20th century developed not only as official dogma but equally as one expression of „revisionist“ currents of thought within the Marxist cosmos of thought.

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totalirian regimes; racist theories; marxism; socialism; communism

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