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Přednáška AntropoWebu: Eric Hirsch - The Uses of History in Anthropology : Reflections from Melanesia (AKTUALIZOVANÁ MÍSTNOST A ČAS KONÁNÍ)

Téma přednášky:

Ever since Evans-Pritchard called on his British anthropological colleagues to abandon their antihistorical prejudice the relations between anthropology and history have been subject to intense debate. Are the differences between anthropology and history largely illusory or is there a  clear difference in that anthropology deals with the social present and history with the social past? How should anthropology relate to history and use it in ethnographic analysis? This lecture explores these issues with reference to Melanesian ethnography. Melanesian societies, for example, have been influenced for over a century by European colonialism, Christian missionaries and capitalist exploitation. How is this history to be analysed and integrated into ethnography? Marshall Sahlins among others have proposed novel answers to this question. The lecture engages with this scholarship while critically reflecting on the uses of history in anthropology from a Melanesian perspective.


Přednáška se koná 3.10. 2013

15:00 místnost SP 111 Sedláčkova 15, Plzeň.



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